greatabrown asked: Oh, I didn't know SuBLime has a tumblr account!! Now it's my chance to ask as many questions as I want. Well, actually, right now I have nothing on my mind but that's ok. I just wanted to comment how I love the sharp and sometimes naughty way JenniferLeBlanc respond to anyone, like a dominant seme! ;-) Also, the name makes me think of Joey from Friends.... Literally, all the time!!

I’m definitely a sadistic seme! Or perhaps I’m just a misunderstood tsundere uke? @_@ We should have a poll. :-D Sadistic seme? Misunderstood tsundere uke? Tumblr, you decide! 

  1. requierobl said: tsundere uke, definitively.
  2. meganefudanshi said: Life can sometimes be confusing, like when one drugs and “plays” with you only to later offer you to “play” with him back. wut. *like when you play a BL game*
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